2021년 춘계학술대회 포스터 프로그램

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2021년 춘계학술대회 구두발표 프로그램

Apr. 21 (WED)

Time Subject Chair
08:30~9:00 Registration
09:00~09:10 Opening Address

Man Hee Rhee, President, The Korean Society of Ginseng

Ki Sung Kang
(Gachon University)
Congratulatory Remark

Chae Kyu Park, The Korean Ginseng Research Institute, KGC)

Group Photo
09:10~9:40 Lecture of the 2020 Academic Award Winner
Korean Ginseng and Metabolic Disorder

Boo-Yong Lee (CHA University)

YoungJoo Lee
(Sejong University)
9:40~10:00 Lecture of the 2020 Academic Achievement Award Winner
Ginseng and skin barrier

Su-Nam Kim (KIST)

10:00~10:20 Lecture of the 2020 Academic Achievement Award Winner
Caspase-11 non-canonical inflammasome: terra incognita of ginseng-mediated anti-inflammatory action

Young-Su Yi (Kyonggi University)

10:20~10:30 Coffee Break
10:30~11:10 PL 01
Molecular characterization of transposable elements derived from retroviruses

Heui-Soo Kim (Pusan National University)

Seung-Yeol Nah
(Konkuk University)
11:10~11:50 PL 02
Lipid metabolic control of immunity

Yeonseok Chung (Seoul National University)

11:50~13:30 Lunch & E-Poster Session
13:30~13:50 Special Session
Management of reference standards for herbal medicine

Chulhyun Lee (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)

Jaesuk Yun
(Chungbuk National University)
13:50~14:05 OP 1
Ginsenoside Rg5 induces steroid biosynthesis that inhibits hyper- production of mucus by lipid droplet-dependent elimination of ROS

Bum-Ho Bin (Ajou University)

14:05~14:20 OP 2
Role of ginseng in the neurovascular unit within the central nervous system

Yoon Kyung Choi (Konkuk University)

14:20~14:35 OP 3
Effects of Korean Red Ginseng and ginsenoside Rg 3 on asian sand dust induced mucin production and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in airway epithelial cells

Seung-Heon Shin (Catholic University of Daegu)

14:35~14:50 Coffee Break
14:50~15:05 OP 4
Protective effects of Korean Red Ginseng against oxidative stress induced human hair damage

Won-Soo Lee (Yonsei University)

Yoon Kyung Choi
(Konkuk University)
15:05~15:20 OP 5
Anxiolytic effect of Korean Red Ginseng extract through enhancement of serotonin and GABA transmission and BDNF expression in immobilized mice

Jungsook Cho (Dongguk University)

15:20~15:35 OP 6
Synergistic effect of Korean Red Ginseng extract and probiotics on the prevention of atopic dermatitis in a murine model

Se Hoon Lee (Incheon saint mary's hospital)

15:35~15:50 OP 7
Discovery target population and biomarker for optimizing red ginseng treatment using umbrella trial design in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease animal models

Dae Won Jun (Hanyang University)

15:50~16:05 OP 8
Korean Red Ginseng ameliorates central fatigue via modulation of 5-HT and corticosterone in a sleep-deprived mouse model

Chang-Gue Son (Daejeon Oriental Hospital of Daejeon University)

16:05~16:20 Coffee Break
16:20~16:50 OP 9
조선전기 인삼의 국내·외 유통과 인삼상인

Pyeongsik Park (Seoul National University)

Jeong Hill Park
(Seoul National University)
16:50~17:20 OP 10
인삼산업발전을 위한 한국인삼협회의 역할과 나아갈 방향

Sang-Bae Ban (The Korea Ginseng Association)

17:30~18:00 The 2021 Annual Meeting Sung Dae Kim
(Kyungpook National University)